About Me

  Dottie Davis Teaching

Dottie Davis is the President and owner of Davis Corporate Training, Inc., a private consulting business. Dottie is a dynamic woman who provides keynote presentations, workshops, and serves as a strong moderator for panel presentations. She speaks nationally and internationally on topics surrounding family violence, legal issues and liability for law enforcement, law enforcement’s response to persons in a mental health crisis, supervision and leadership, ethics, women in non-traditional careers, and workplace violence prevention. She also consults as an expert witness in both civil and criminal trials. As a survivor of domestic violence she offers a true understanding of the dynamics of the issue, as well as a law enforcement officer’s perspective.

Dottie was raised in a large Catholic family with very traditional views by parents with strong work ethics. Her father set the rules, and administered the punishment for violating the assigned roles and his expectations. She grew up knowing that she could become a nurse, secretary, or mother, but in 1981 joined law enforcement surprising her parents and joining a profession that had traditionally belonged to men.

Her career in policing has been very successful. The majority of her career has been served in patrol. She has held the rank of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, Director of Training at a police academy, and now is serving as a quadrant commander holding the rank of Deputy Chief.

Throughout her profession Dottie has developed a compassion for empowering people through education, training, mentoring, and providing resources to address issues within the criminal justice system, workplaces, and the community at large.