2014 Criminal -
State of Indiana vs. Josh A. Abbott (Jefferson Superior Court cause number 39D01-1402-FB-104). Testified at sentencing. Pled to 3 felonies and 1 misdemeanor. Sentenced to 8 years on each felony and 1 year on the misdemeanor.

2014 Civil -
Claim against City of Tucson/Tucson Police Department; Hicks Wrongful Death Claim; John and Wendy Hicks, Claimants; Martin Rodriguez and Michael T. Hestekin II, The Rodriguez Law Firm, PLLC. Affidavit with professional opinions concerning the case prepared and submitted. The case was mediated and settled January 2014.

2012 Civil-
Amy Leichtenberg, on her own behalf and as Administrator of the Estate of Duncan Leichtenberg, and as Administrator of the Estate of Jack Leichtenberg, Plaintiff, v. City of Leroy, Police Officers Dustin Wiseman, Police Officer Nathan Wilkins, Police Officer Jason Williamson, and other Unknown Officers of the Leroy Police Department, Defendants. (United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois Peoria Division Case No. 10-CV-1253) Deposed. March 2013 an out-of-court settlement was reached. The amount was undisclosed.

2010 Civil-

James Fenton, et al., vs. City of Chicago (case No. 06 L 7956). Testified at trial. Jury award of 2.3 million dollars which was affirmed by the 1st District Appellate Court . David Nemeroff, Nemeroff Law Offices Ltd.

1999 Civil -

Estate of Paula Ross, et al vs. Town of Gaston and Marshall Ray Gillespie Testified at trial. Jury award of 1.75 million dollars. Richard Waples and Jaunae Hangar, Attorneys at Law.