Please watch the short video excerpt featuring Dottie Davis and Mark Wynn called “The Code of Silence.” For more information about the video or to order a copy please visit www.yhtp.org.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention Training & Consulting

Violence in our homes does not stay confined within the walls of the structure. The impact of family violence reaches out and strikes more than just the perpetrator’s intimate partner. The effects of the violence touches us daily as we interact with members of families who witness conflict being settled by hateful words, menacing faces, and violent outbursts.

The children who travel to school and interact with other children, bus drivers, and teachers within the schools are changed by the violence they witness within their homes. They have already been taught how to handle disputes in an unhealthy manner, and may be confused as to other non-violent alternatives in dealing with a situation.

The victim who escapes from their home to work may appear with visible injuries. Their employer should be concerned. Workplace violence prevention is a necessary training for all employers. Documentation of the employee’s late arrival to work, their injuries, or the non-stop telephone calls from the abuser during their work day should be a concern for the employer.

Davis Corporate Training, Inc. assists law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, clergy, counselors, businesses, and communities in identifying behaviors surrounding family violence, how to respond to the victimized family members and how to hold the batterer accountable for their behavior while reducing the agency’s liability through training and education.

Dottie Davis customizes her presentations for your needs. As a law enforcement officer for nearly thirty years, Dottie provides current information on how to effectively de-escalate a violent situation, communicate with a person in a mental health crisis, and assist victims toward surviving a violent event or relationship.